Find Your PERFECT Charlotte NC/SC Home

& BUY IT BEFORE SELLING your Current one

Buying your favorite Charlotte NC/SC Area home should be a fun and a positive experience. We have the experience to help you find your perfect Charlotte area new home, off-market or listed home, so you can buy it backed by a guaranteed closing. These types of offers are 4x more likely to be accepted by today’s buyers. With the Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell program, you have the freedom to go ahead and move into your favorite new home – before any of the preparations begin for us to sell your former house.

We sell your Charlotte NC/SC area house for the most possible profit, using marketing & sales strategies perfected over 3 decades, learned from negotiating 4000+ local transactions for America’s leading home building companies. We’ve combined our experience with today’s most innovative national real estate platforms, who’re offering the latest breakthrough strategies that are truly revolutionizing how all of us can now buy & sell homes. Much less hassle, and much more efficiency. And the best part? We’re finally able to keep more of our hard-earned equity, to transfer into our favorite next homes!

Check out our partners who’re making it possible for today’s Charlotte homeowners to find the homes they’d really love to buy, BEFORE selling their current properties, using the Farlow Home Finders process for more profit and less hassle!

Only “certified” real estate brokers like me are trained to partner with this national program, helping clients gain the ability to buy and close on your favorite home, the moment we find it. Since Knock provides the loan on your next home, you get the best way there has ever been to guarantee access to the equity in your current house that we’ll help you sell (for the down payment on the home you want to buy, anytime the sale of your house listed for sale with us won’t be closing before you close on your new home). They’ll even provide you with cash advance if you want to make repairs on the home we’re selling, with 0% interest free financing until the sale closes. I call this the “modern bridge” loan that can provide tremendous flexibility for my clients. We can find the home you love, secure it with the strongest possible guaranteed offer to buy it, then close and move in BEFORE even “touching up” your house to sell! NO hassle and we can sell your house for more profit!

We choose our next partner, Ribbon, to guarantee the closing on your next home, so you can buy it when we find it backed by a 100% cash offer. We use the Ribbon program with specific strategies, as an alternative to the Knock program. The Ribbon program doesn’t do loans, so you’ll use any lender you’d like.

Check out the link (below) to see how we can use Ribbon to secure your next home, backed by a 100% cash offer which guarantees sellers that you’ll be able to close as agreed.
Ribbon actually steps in and closes on the home you want to buy, in the event you’re purchase loan hasn’t been finalized, or the home you’re selling hasn’t closed yet.

Since I’m also “certified” and trained to offer this program as an alternative to the Knock program, I’m uniquely able to help my clients buy their next Charlotte-area homes before selling their current ones – while offering a choice of programs. Depending on our strategy, we can choose which program best suits your specific needs best.

We partner with Ribbon on the SELLING side of every client’s home that’s listed with me. By doing this we ensure that 100% of our prospective buyers will always be backed by the cash closing guarantee. ANY offer we accept will have either the buyer, or Ribbon, getting the keys on our agreed closing day. Ribbon WILL ALWAYS CLOSE IN THE BUYER’S PLACE If for any reason they can’t close as planned, and they’ll rent the home to the buyers for up to 6 months after closing. The original buyer can then buy the home from Ribbon at the same price they planned to buy it for, once they’re able to get their loan finalized (or THEIR home sold and closed).

This is just another partner providing great flexibility to Farlow Home Finders clients in our Charlotte Buy Before You Sell Program. The best part is that you get to CHOOSE which partner you’ll use when buying, based on our strategy that’s best for you.

When selling your current home, after finding you favorite next home to buy, we’ll use Ribbon’s cash closing guarantee with your buyer.

Comparing Real Estate Agents in Charlotte? Here’s How Farlow Home Finders Focuses On A Better Home Buying & Selling Experience. 

Buying or selling a property in Charlotte? Excellent!

As you know there are lots of options when it comes to real estate agents in Charlotte, NC/SC and you’ve got a decision to make.

If you’re buying a Charlotte NC/SC area property we have the experience you need to help make the buying process easier, less time consuming, and we’re on your side to help make sure you get your favorite home, and on YOUR time frame! After overseeing Sales & Marketing for the leading home builders in the U.S. here in our Charlotte area, during the period when 47% of all Charlotte homes were built, we know how to guide you through the process of finding your favorite home designs, located in the neighborhoods you’re most excited about living in!

The “old way” of being rushed into “settling” for buying a home because you’d been advised that the only way to move would be to sell your home first…and then buy your next home on the hurried closing timeline of your buyer is going away for good I believe. The good news is that those days can be OVER now with our unique approach.

Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell Video Overview

If you’re looking to sell your Charlotte house we can help you sell your house for the highest price possible, making it effortless for you, on YOUR terms. YOU should control how and when you choose to sell. YOU should control when you choose to move!

Why be rushed into trying to find & buy your next home AFTER you’ve already agreed to sell your current home? Why “settle” for buying a home that you don’t love these days just because you need to move on your buyer’s closing timeline? The GOOD NEWS is that when you capitalize on our program, combined with our Charlotte-area market experience for over 3 decades, you can find & buy the home you really love, in a neighborhood where you want to live – FIRST! Then we’ll market & sell your current home through our structured processes for more profit, and with less hassles from potential “touch up” preparation work, and finally the showings.

Our selling process begins with us getting each client cash offers from the national “I-Buyer” corporations. We compare them “side by side” on a written analysis. Even the “I-buyers” must compete to win the deal (which has not often been the case when they’ve enjoyed being the only buyer typically). Next, we compare the net profit from the best of the corporate offers, with the range of profit that we believe, in our professional experience, our clients are most likely to obtain from the competitive marketplace when selling through the Farlow Home Finders pre-marketing & selling process.

Our ultimate goal is always to create an “auction-like” selling process for every one of our clients, where market competition, mixed in with the excitement created by urgency combine to deliver the best results (not to mention a more enjoyable, less stressful process from start to finish!)

When you work with Farlow Home Finders we promise to help you… 
  • Save time worrying about your purchase or sale so you can enjoy your life without wondering what’s going to happen next. Our proactive processes are DESIGNED specifically to try to limit the number of unplanned interruptions you’ll have to deal with when buying & selling your Charlotte-area homes.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can pop up with difficult transactions. After more than 4000+ transactions we’ve seen it all before, so we have experienced what works and what doesn’t.
  • Keep more money in your pocket. Please check out the rest of this website to see how focused we are on how each client’s ultimate PROFIT from each transaction you trust us to guide you through!

We’re excited to work with you! Book a quick introduction Call or Zoom on MY CALENDAR (time-blocked for afternoons/early evenings) . Feel free to Give me a call at 980-400-FIND after checking out some of the resources we have on this site to help you get a feel for :

1) WHAT we offer

2) WHO we are

3) WHY working together could make so much sense!

– Farlow Home Finders

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