TO FIND & BUY THEIR NEXT homes BEFORE having to sell first!

  • Find Your Favorite Off-Market, MLS, Or New Home On YOUR Own Time Frame, without being forced to RUSH
  • Know That You Already Have The FIRST Guaranteed Cash Offer On Your Current House Before Even Having To List It
  • Secure Your Next Home Backed By Full Loan Approval, Protected By A Guaranteed Appraised Value & Closing Guarantee, PLUS The Cash You Need To CloseAdvanced From The Equity You’ve Built In Your Current Home

Move Into Your Next Home If You’d Like To BEFORE Marketing & Selling Even Begins

Any Touch Up, Repairs, Or Even Staging To Maximize Your Profit, Can Be Done After You’ve Moved, With An Advance Of Up To $25,000 At 0% Interest.

With Up To Six Months To Close The Sale Of Your Property(Our Process Is Designed To Get It Done In 1 Month From The Start Of The Pre-Marketing Program)

Compare Your Original Guaranteed Cash Offer With ADDITIONAL “AS IS” CASH OFFERS From National & Local Investors Who Must Actually Compete To Buy Our Clients’ Homes – With All Offers Presented At The Same Time In 7 Days

Accept Your Best “As Is” Investor Cash Offer, OR Then Choose To “Go To Market,” Using Our 21 Day Pre-marketing Program / 5 Day “Auction-Like” Selling Process. Compare Even More Offers, From NON-INVESTORS Who’re All Backed By A 100% Cash Closing Guarantee

Compare All Offers At The Same Time Again To Simply Choose Your Most Profitable, GUARANTEED Sale!

I Represent Only Your Interests Through The Entire Process, Negotiating Only On Your Behalf. After All – I have Plenty of Practice After Managing More Than 4000+ Local Transactions For America’s Leading Home Builders. Now I’m Sharing Everything I’ve Learned Over 30 Years With Charlotte Homeowners, For The First Ever!

Shouldn’t You Control The Process of Finding and Buying Your Next Charlotte Home You’ve Dreamed About… While Also Being ABLE TO Sell Your Current One EasIER & FastER, For The Most Possible Profit?


Finding and Then Buying your favorite Charlotte – Area home should be a fun and positive experience, one that you can enjoy without urgency

We can help you find your perfect Charlotte area MLS listed home, brand new home, or even off-market/non-listed home, so you can compare them all, on YOUR time frame, before buying your favorite one. Now you don’t have to be rushed into buying a home you don’t LOVE

Since you’re always backed by a closing guarantee, these types of offers are 2x-3x more likely to be accepted by today’s sellers (depending on which of our programs you choose). We’ll educate you and advise you about which strategy will best serve your specific needs, so we can help you secure your favorite home

With the Farlow Home Finders “Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell” program, you have the freedom to secure your favorite home, plus the convenience of being able to choose whether to go ahead and move into it or not, before your current house sells and/or closes

You’ve got all the time you need to find and buy your next home, because you’re prepared in advance to secure it the moment we find it

  1. Never feel rushed again to hurry up and try to find and somehow buy your next home on YOUR buyer’s closing time frame, because you were advised that you needed to list and sell your current house first
  • Never feel rushed to quickly sell your current house for less profit (without being able to compare multiple offers at the same time) because you were advised that you had to sell it quickly before the home you really want to buy “gets away”

We sell your Charlotte NC/SC area house for the most possible profit by creating urgency

Using marketing & sales strategies learned over 3 decades while leading sales & marketing for America’s leading home building corporations, and perfected while negotiating 4000+ local transactions, I’ve “changed teams” now to help Charlotte homeowners capitalize on many of these same strategies

I’m combining everything I’ve learned over the years, with today’s latest and most innovative national real estate solutions, to dramatically improve how Charlotte-area homeowners buy & sell homes. There can be much less hassle involved in buying and selling homes, with more efficiency, profit, and much more transparency

  • Never wonder whether you might have gotten a better price, or terms, when selling your house the “traditional way” (with one offer at a time coming in over a period of days or weeks), since you can compare multiple offers at the same time with our program
  • Never worry about whether you’ll keep the most possible net profit, when selling your property, since you can compare all offers side-by-side (I-buyers, institutional investors, local investors, buyers working with buyer agents, and even to direct buyers not working with buyer agents, who we pre-market heavily to!)
  • Never worry about accepting an offer from a buyer who may not be able to close, since now they’re ALL backed by a cash closing guarantee
  • Never feel like you have to endure all of the interruptions from inconvenient and unplanned showings, with folks walking through your home, since our pre-marketing program promotes a series of several “open house events” well in advance, which we host on specific days, all by pre-scheduled appointments

I call my new area of specialized focus on today’s most successful buying & selling innovations, combined with offering Charlotte homeowners the best strategies I’ve learned over 3 decades locally, from managing over $1 billion in total new home sales volume…


  • I’m certified to use several different “investor networks” to provide our clients with direct access to multiple competing cash offers, from ALL of the national “iBUYERS,”plus the nation’s largest institutional buy-hold-rent investors, and even qualified local cash buyers. THIS ALLOWS OUR CLIENTS TO COMPARE INVESTOR CASH OFFERS IN 5-7 DAYS FROM INVESTORS WHO FINALLY NEED TO COMPETE TO BUY YOUR HOME
  • I’m also trained and certified in how to use other program resources, to provide my clients wanting to list their homes “on the market,” with my 21 day pre-marketing listing program (instead of accepting an investor offer first), which provides the most innovative strategies to generate offers, even from home owners who haven’t even listed their homes! They learn how they can buy my listed homes, before they sell their current homes, backed by a closing guarantee. Now many more prospective buyers can finally compete with other buyers who’re working with buyer agents, and even the cash investors. OUR CLIENTS CAN COMPARE BOTH INVESTOR CASH OFFERS, PLUS NONINVESTOR OFFERS, BACKED BY CASH CLOSING GUARANTEES, ALL TO MAXIMIZE THE PROFIT THEY CAN TRANSFER INTO THEIR NEXT HOMES. (Of course you can also certainly choose to put some of your tax-free profit into the bank, or perhaps a vacation home, a rental property, or even the stock market, without having to transfer ALL of your money into your next home !)

Actually, it’s all pretty simple. When you’re our client, we’ll help you find and then buy the home of your dreams, and then we’ll sell your current property a better way, by combining the most successful new innovations, with decades of local real estate knowledge. We do it all in a very new way that allows you to transfer more of your hard-earned equity with you – or to put more tax-free profit elsewhere

Check out a few of our partners who’re making it possible for Charlotte homeowners to find the homes they really want to buy with our guidance, BEFORE selling their current ones with us… for more profit and with much less hassle!

Only “certified” real estate brokers who’ve been trained to partner with this national program can offer it to their clients. I’ve received the training and certification to be able to offer my clients the ability to use the program, to secure their favorite homes the moment we find them. Since Knock provides the mortgage loan approval to buy, before we begin to shop for homes, plus the guaranteed cash offer to buy each client’s current house, this can be the best way ever to guarantee access to the equity “tied up” in your current property (if needed for the down payment to buy your favorite home, when the sale of your current home won’t close before you close on your next home).

When we’re able to find the home that each client really wants to buy, whether it’s an unlisted/off-market home you’ve loved forever, an MLS listed home, or even a brand new home, my program guides you through the process of how to make the strongest possible non-contingent offer to buy it, an offer that we can also guarantee to the seller will close as agreed.

Once we’ve secured your next home, you can even go ahead and close, move into it if you’d like, and as mentioned previously – with only one monthly mortgage payment – on your new home, since the monthly payments for the home you’re selling can be covered by the program until it sells and closes.

What this means is that now you can move out before any possible “touch up” work might need to be done, to prepare your current house to sell for the highest possible price and profit.

Our program, working with Knock, can also provide you with a cash advance of up to $25,0000, with 0% interest-free financing, if making repairs to the home we’ll be selling for you will result in more profit for you at closing. While Knock can wait for up to 6 months to be repaid from your home sale profits, our competitive process is designed to sell homes typically in under 30 days.

For all of these reasons, I call the Knock program the improved “modern bridge” loan. This provides all of my homeowner clients with a tremendous sense of “calm” in knowing that there’s NO WAY they can ever be forced into making a “double-move,” into short- term housing, when they’re buying & selling their Charlotte homes with me and my program. We’re able to have the time to find the home you love, and then secure it when we do, without ever needing to worry about being forced to “scramble around” – like you can do when you sell your house first!

It can be possible to close on the home our clients have already purchased at the same time as the one they’re selling, but the “game-changing” thing about all of this is that you just don’t have to worry about being rushed into anything, simply because someone else’s timing dictates that you could need to sacrifice some of your profits, or your convenience.

We partner with our NEXT innovator, called “Ribbon,” ON THE SELLING SIDE of each client’s home that we list. By doing this, we can ensure that 100% of our clients’ prospective buyers will always be backed by a 100% cash-backed closing guarantee. ANY offer you accept will have either the buyer, or Ribbon, getting the keys at closing… on the closing day we all agreed on at the initial time of sale.

Ribbon WILL ALWAYS CLOSE on behalf of buyers, If for any reason they’re unable to close as planned (for example, if a sold home closing falls apart, a final loan approval gets delayed, or denied, plus they’ll even close without a lender-required appraisal, since they use their own cash to close for buyers.

Ribbon simply rents the homes they purchase for buyers back to them, at a pre-determined monthly rental, for up to 6 months after closing. Buyer can buy the home that Ribbon closed on for them, at the exact same price they originally agreed to pay, once they’re able to get their current home sold and closed, their mortgage finalized, or resolved whatever issue kept them from initially being able to close.

Since the Ribbon program doesn’t make home loans, home buyers can use any lender they’d like to. Ribbon simply requires a loan pre-approval from a lender, before they’ll complete their own program approval, usually in just 2 days.

The partnership with Ribbon also provides great additional flexibility to Farlow Home Finders clients who’re buying homes through our Charlotte Buy Before You Sell Program.

Since I’m also “certified” and trained to offer the Ribbon program, it can be an alternative to the Knock program, when different strategies might be needed. In competitive situations, we can even use a strategy that I’ve created where BOTH programs can be used together, to ensure my clients can even EXCEED the increased offer acceptance success rates of 3-4x, which has been measured by these programs nationally, over several years now.

The bottom-line is that our clients are uniquely able to buy their next Charlotte-area homes, before selling their current ones, utilizing Ribbon and/or Knock.

We’ll help you choose the best program strategy that best suits your specific home buying needs the best.

Regardless of the program our clients choose to use, when buying their favorite homes, we’ll incorporate Ribbon’s cash closing guarantee when we market our clients’ listed homes.


Comparing Real Estate Agents in Charlotte? Here’s How Farlow Home Finders Focuses On A Better Home Buying & Selling Experience. 

Buying or selling a property in Charlotte? Excellent!

As you know there are lots of options when it comes to real estate agents in Charlotte, NC/SC and you’ve got a decision to make.

If you’re buying a Charlotte NC/SC area property we have the experience you need to help make the FINDING AND THE BUYING PROCESS easier, less time consuming, and we’re on your side to help make sure you get your favorite home on YOUR time frame! After overseeing Sales & Marketing for the leading home builders in the U.S. here in Charlotte, during the period when 47% of all Charlotte homes were built, we know how to guide you through the process of finding your favorite home designs, located in the neighborhoods where you’re most excited about living next.

Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell Video Overview

If you’re looking to sell your Charlotte house we work hard to create an “auction-like” selling process for every one of our clients, where market competition can be enhanced through our use of the latest programs, combined with our proven processes, in addition to 3 decades of local sales & marketing experience. All of this is mixed in together to deliver the best results.

Those results certainly include a more enjoyable, less stressful selling process, since you get to compare cash-backed offers from buyers at the same time, so we can help guide you into choosing the offer providing you with the most possible profit, and also the best terms.

If you’re currently a homeowner living in any of the thousands of new homes where I ORIGINALLY managed the sales, for companies like America’s largest privately-owned home builder, Shea Homes, or Ryland Homes before that (later became Cal Atlantic Homes by merging with Standard Pacific), or if you own any one of the thousands of homes that Lennar has built over recent years, while I sold their ranch-style and two-story home designs now found in completed neighborhoods all over the area



I meet the “direct buyers” without buyer agents, and also the buyers who have buyer agents, by pre-scheduled appointments set up in advance, during the 21 day pre-marketing period, who visit one-at-a-time during the several open house “showing events.”

I would never rely on the “TRADITIONAL APPROACH” of just putting a lock-box on your door, and hoping other buyer agents who can’t possibly be expected to know the strengths of your home design, or all of the other homes that were built by my home builders. Especially when buyer agents are by themselves with potentially interested clients, walking through your home for the first time!

This is exactly why I feel that I need to be there to help everyone understand the benefits of owning your home, with a pre-planned showing strategy, and I can be there the moment questions are asked. After all, this is what I’ve trained hundreds of new home sales professionals to do here in Charlotte, for over 3 decades with America’s largest home builders!


When you work with Farlow Home Finders we promise to help you… 

  • Save time worrying about your purchase or sale so you can enjoy your life without wondering what’s going to happen next. Our proactive processes are DESIGNED specifically to try to limit the number of unplanned interruptions you’ll have to deal with, when buying & selling your Charlotte-area homes.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can pop up with difficult transactions. After more than 4000+ transactions, we’ve seen it all before, so we have experienced what works and what doesn’t.
  • Keep more money in your pocket. Please check out the rest of this website to see how focused we are on each client’s ultimate PROFIT. I value the trust you put in us to guide you through every single transaction.

We’re excited to work with you! Book a quick introduction Call or Zoom on MY CALENDAR Feel free to Give me a call at 704-255-5030 or email anytime after checking out some of the resources we have on this site to help you get a feel for :

1) WHAT we offer

2) WHO we are

3) WHY working together could make so much sense!

– Farlow Home Finders

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