Buying or selling a property in the Charlotte NC/SC area is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose the right real estate professional to be on your side.

Learn more about us below and why we love to do what we do!

After shaping so many of Charlotte’s most popular neighborhoods, since the 1990’s, for America’s most successful home builders like Ryland Homes, Shea Homes, and Lennar, I’m excited to finally be able to use my experience to help local homeowners find their next homes using a much more enjoyable process.

Since my clients today are pre-approved with our national program partners to buy their favorite homes the moment we find them, backed by a quick 30 day closing guarantee, they’re able to provide sellers with the assurance that accepting their offers is in their very best interest.

By overcoming the biggest obstacle facing homeowners today (finding the home they really want to move for and then securing it), it can take a minute to get what you really want without having to “settle” in today’s market. I say that you want to proactively plan your strategy with the most experienced professional possible who knows how and where to find your favorite next home, so you can buy WITHOUT URGENCY when you can.

When I decided to “change teams” and to move on from working with America’s largest, most successful home building corporations, by starting Farlow Home Finders to help Charlotte homeowners, my goal has been to share everything I learned from the 1990’s to today about Charlotte’s most popular home designs and neighborhoods. My “front row seat” leading sales & marketing teams from the 1990’s up to the Great Recession (when 47% of ALL Charlotte homes were built) provided me today with knowledge of the 75+ major neighborhoods I was involved in creating, down to what home designs sold best, where, on what street, and why – PLUS my job was to study and analyze the competition just as closely.

Today, my passion is helping home buyers hoping to find their favorite next homes in the best neighborhoods all over the Charlotte NC and SC areas, primarily built over the past 25 years and typically ranging in price from the mid $300’s to the $800’s price range.

Since I was involved in designing the homes and exterior look of so many homes in the many well-known neighborhoods all around Charlotte, where I negotiated thousands of the original home sales for the best-selling builders and managed their sales & marketing for them, today, I love nothing more than helping the current homeowners who live in these same homes when they want to sell them! I originally trained our sales professionals on our teams why customers loved each specific home design, and how these plans “fit into” the overall product offering in each neighborhood.

Today, it’s terrific to see how wonderful all of these neighborhoods have “grown” over the years, with mature tree-lined streets and resident’s clubs with busy pools in the summertime!

Typically, only after securing the homes that my clients want to buy do I sell my clients’ current homes through a process WITH URGENCY, so buyers must compete to buy their homes.

I work hard to create an “auction-like”market of buyers with the urgency to want to compete for homes which they know can be bought before selling their own current homes (after seeing my “coming soon” pre-marketing). My selling process generates the highest possible prices for my sellers – all without the hassle of repeated showings!

Charlotte is an amazing area and I’m proud to have called it home. Because we love living and working here so much, it makes it easy to want to continue helping local families and individuals wanting to find their next homes to buy! I believe doing this in today’s market means that you first must understand how to help folks figure out exactly what they really like first, before going out to try to find it.

These are exactly the skills that I trained so many new home sales professionals on over my career. Since I originally managed sales of so many different types of home designs (and was involved in working with architects to create so many of them), and since I’ve been involved in many of today’s most popular neighborhoods all over the NC/SC area, there aren’t many homes on the different neighborhood streets I haven’t seen over the years.

Using this experience in conjunction with today’s latest technology tools, like previous listing photos and virtual tours, I can give my buyer clients an “edge” when searching for specific home designs to help them look at off-market homes, MLS listed homes, and brand newly-built homes. I love to help every single client figure out how they can find and then secure THE home where they’ll spend the next chapter of their lives.

Once we secure each client’s favorite home, backed by a 100% cash offer, then I begin the process of marketing & selling the current Charlotte-area property, using all that I’ve learned over almost 30 years here.

At this point, It’s simply ingrained in me that my job is to “leave no stone left unturned” in the pursuit of finding the most possible profit for my sellers, in every home transaction, after my years with the Nation’s most successful home builders!I coached the sales professionals on my teams how to show their buyers why paying even as little as $1000 more than they may have felt like it at the time, to get the new home the family loved, made so much sense. It literally added a total of about one “Venti size” Starbucks drink – $5 a month – (a grand total of $60 per year) to their 30 year mortgage that they’d never stay in the home long enough to pay anyway!

My sales professionals also learned the importance of always being prepared in advance to have the tools to be able to educate their customers when needed, by showing them what others had paid for the same type of homes in the neighborhood. Since my teams were selling hundreds of homes each year during the explosive housing growth period in Charlotte, I had to focus everybody on making sure that they understood the importance of obtaining the “last $1000” on every home we sold each year. That $1000 on 500 homes meant that we collected one half of one million dollars more profit for the year.

I still have the same type of focus when working for every homeowner who now trusts me to sell their home.

Knowing the local Charlotte real estate market in both NC & SC should be a given for any real estate professional you consider working with. Market knowledge can be the difference between you overpaying or getting a great deal, finding the off-market, MLS listed, or the new home you love instead of missing it, and being able to buy it fully informed without missing critical things that can cost you. Market knowledge can also be the difference when it comes to both marketing and selling your home for the most possible profit, and on the very best terms.


  • Born in NYC
  • Grew up in Greensboro, NC
  • Attended Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA, followed by college at UNC (In Michael Jordan’s class!)
  • Began career in Commercial Real Estate
  • Moved to Charlotte in early 1990’s to begin career in home building industry with Ryland Homes in new home sales, followed by promotion to Sales & Marketing Manager.
  • VP Sales Shea Homes, America’s largest privately-owned home builder, 2000-2006
  • VP Sales Evergreen Home Builders, followed by On-Site-Sales & Marketing Specialists (Owner)
  • Lennar Homes, sales in various neighborhoods including top-selling communities like The Palisades, Summerhouse at Paddler’s Cove & Kinmere 2014-2020
  • Founded Farlow Home Finders and affiliated with JPAR Properties Group, America’s #1 fastest growing full-service 100% commission brokerage company.

Married 20 years. Son (18) and daughter (15) Homes in Southpark area & in The Palisades. Enjoys boating on Lake Wylie and Lake Norman, golf, tennis, pickle-ball & skiing.

I’m continually learning everything possible, never taking for granted my unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of others through real estate, by helping new friends move forward to the place where – and how – they’ll get to live their lives for years to come


When a friend of mine purchased the local JPAR real estate franchise, I saw that it would be a great fit for the direction I wanted to take Farlow Home Finders. As America’s fastest growing 100% commission full service real estate brokerage company, my affiliation with JPAR provides me with the best tools, while also allowing me to keep much more of what I can earn. The result of this is that I’m able to invest more in marketing on behalf of both my clients and my company’s programs, like “Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell,” so I can help even more people.

By being able to retaining more of the revenue I’m able to generate on the 100% commission structure with JPAR Properties Group, than would be possible with any of the large national brokerage companies, this ALSO allows me to offer another important benefit to all of my clients. I can SHARE any variable rate commission savings with them (worth thousands of dollars), anytime I’m the only real estate professional involved in their transactions.

We focus on you having an amazing buying or selling experience, with a proactive process designed to minimize unnecessary interruptions, so you can focus on enjoying living in the moment, while you’re on the way to moving forward into your future.

– Farlow Home Finders

Ready to see whether we could be a great fit to help you get moving? Then please do reach out to me for an initial phone call anytime. You can very easily SET UP A TIME ON MY CALENDAR HERE or you can give me a call on my cell phone at (980) 400-3463. Many thanks. I look forward to hopefully connecting with you! -Wray