Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before You Sell Program Overview

Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before You Sell Program Overview
Wray Farlow:
Hi, I’m Wray Farlow with Farlow Home Finders. If you’re thinking about moving and you’re just afraid to sell first before you can find what you really love in today’s market, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been in Charlotte real estate for 30 years, and I have been with America’s largest home builders throughout my career. And over that period of time with builders like Ryland, where I ran Sales and Marketing, the Shea family, I was vice-president of sales there, and I sold for Lennar from 2014 to 2020. 4,000 transactions I’ve sold, and what I’ve learned is a better way to sell homes today and find what you really want to own. I call it “Wray’s Way.”

If you’re wanting to find something, I’ve been involved in all the sales in 75 of the top neighborhoods in Charlotte, like here at the Palisades, I started the Palisades.

There’s a long list on my website of all the neighborhoods that I’ve started and managed the sales in. Unlike most realtors who specialize in one area, I’m all around, basically, the suburbs of Charlotte. There are multiple neighborhoods that I will have done in any one of the areas.

If you’re thinking about selling and don’t think you can find what you want, I’m here to tell you that you can. I know how to find what you’re looking for specifically off market, listed on the MLS, or also new construction.

But the real issue is when do you sell your home? Maybe you’ve heard from these cash buyers, these iBuyers. When you talk to me, what we do first is I get you offers from all of them so we can compare them side by side and look at your net profit, what your net profit would be.

The other way we compare that is to my “Buy Before You Sell program.” I worked with several partners who will go ahead and give you the ability to when we find the home that you want, you can secure it with a guaranteed closing, and then we put your home on the market “Wray’s Way” with a heavy pre-marketing campaign over 21 days. Nobody can get into your house during this period.

I learned over 4,000 transactions that creating urgency is the greatest thing a seller can do. I Launched all these neighborhoods, new phases, and basically had hundreds of people lined up wanting to bid on the first releases in these neighborhoods. I’ve seen it personally.

I’ve also been involved in an auction in Vail that resulted in the highest sales price in Vail Valley in years. I know the dynamic and that’s what I’ve incorporated into my “Wray’s Way” process.

I Pre-market your home with a detailed video, floor plan, and not just of your home – but about what it’s like to live in your community. I build up the excitement and also market to all the people that would like to come see it in person over two days. We show only over two days, one day to realtors with clients, and the next day to all the people that I’ve talked to over those 21 pre-marketing days, when I’ve got them pre-approved to buy your home before they sell what they now own.

Think about it. Instead of a small segment of the market, people that are in the market right now, I’ve just expanded it to everybody in the market. I’m selling the Buy Before You Sell program to your buyer. You have a guaranteed closing and we’re able to evaluate all the offers at one time.

Basically we have 21 day period for me to heavily pre-market. I can do that because I’m with the fastest growing, 100% commission brokerage in America. And instead of me giving my money in a split to my broker, I’m able to spend it on marketing for you.

I personally host these showing events. I’ve trained hundreds of salespeople, sales professionals in new homes, over my career. And what I’ve trained them to do is to demonstrate a home and work with the potential buyers. Well, my new home teams also did that with realtors and their customers too. I would never simply list your home on MLS and let people walk through your home and hope that somebody seeing it for the first time could somehow explain all the benefits of owning your home. It just doesn’t make sense.

And why get showings spread out over weeks, if not months, and maybe an offer here and there? I create the urgency. People see your home by appointment, as they’re coming in they see people waiting to get in. They understand what you’re looking for as a base sales price and when you want to close. And we have an appraisal and the property inspection available for everybody that comes. I create a market, an urgent market, and we can evaluate all of the offers at the same time. We accept the one that’s best for you.

Also, the closing date that we specify can be the day before, or the day of the closing for the home that we’ve already found for you and secured under contract, because we gave a closing guarantee to that person before selling your home.

I call this process “Wray’s Way.” It’s the best way to maximize your sale price, whatever the market will pay. Everyone’s pre-approved that comes to bid on your home. They have a closing guarantee and they also have appraisal gap protection. If they choose to pay more than the home appraises for with their lender, the deal’s not off. They have appraisal protection with these companies that I partner with.

I’d love to talk to you more about my program, about how I can help you buy what you really want without urgency on your own time-frame. And then we sell your home with extreme urgency for the most possible profit for you.

Thanks so much. Again I’m Wray Farlow with Farlow Home Finders.
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