find your NEXT OFF-MARKET, MLS Listed, or brand new Home to buy when you have a home to sell

Ready to look at homes for sale in Charlotte?  We have your back when it comes to finding the type of home you really want to own, located in the neighborhood where you really want to live. We guide you every step of the way to find your dream home, by comparing off-market properties, MLS listed homes, and brand new homes – so you can buy your favorite home even in today’s challenging low supply home buying market!

We negotiate a great deal when we find your favorite home, by providing sellers with a guaranteed closing that’s not contingent on your loan approval, or your having to sell/close your current home. You’re able to buy your next home without having to rush into “settling” for one you can find in a hurry AFTER selling first.

How we do it

Maybe you’ve been searching online for properties, maybe for months. Pulling up Zillow or is probably a daily habit by now, and you’ve seen lots of properties come and go since you started searching.

Finding & buying a home in today’s market requires a more proactive strategy. Many homeowners who’d love to move on and “right-size” to their next home have simply decided to quit looking, because they don’t want to “chase” a limited number of MLS listed homes which often sell in a matter of days.

We understand that there are many homeowners currently living in many of the best-selling home designs, located in Charlotte’s most popular neighborhoods built over the past 25 years, who haven’t listed them for sale because they’re afraid they won’t be able to find a home they’d like to buy. Our program can offer these off-market, unlisted homeowners the solution to get a flexible closing date from our clients wanting to buy their homes, while also saving them significant selling costs!

We also know how to “win” in competitive multiple offer situations when our clients want to buy MLS listed homes.

If you’re interested in new homes, we’ve negotiated more than 4000+ new home sales, so we know how to get you the new home you really want.

A more proactive process to find you your next home on your time frame

We guide you through the process of narrowing down your favorite homes first. Utilizing floor plans, video tours and other tools, we initially work together with several pre-scheduled virtual meetings.

Once we understand exactly what type of home you want, where, and why – we know exactly where to find them in neighborhoods all over the Charlotte-area. Already have several homes you’d love to own in mind in your current neighborhood or nearby neighborhoods? We know how to approach the current homeowners about the benefits of selling direct, before listing.

In addition to using our one-on-one virtual discovery process with you, we’ll show you how to use the latest artificial intelligence to narrow down what you like (and don’t like) about hundreds of homes listed on MLS, by simply attributing a score to each one you explore online. You can even choose to share your preferences with us right through the APP when you’re ready for help targeting your search.


Check out this quick VIDEO showing how it works!

You can even search for ALL new homes that are offered in our market, sharing your favorite home designs & neighborhood preferences directly with us, all easily organized in one search tool. Unlike just searching the MLS, where you’ll see only limited number of new homes (primarily just those which are already under construction), you can see ALL of the new home designs that you could build in the greater Charlotte market.




You CAN get the home you really LOVE this time!

The Best Protection You Can Get When Buying Charlotte – Area Homes Is Picking The right Real Estate Professional to guide you

But, how do you know if you’ve found the best one? Most say that they’re a Listing Agent focused on selling homes. Fewer say that they’re Buyer Agents (especially over recent years when it has become much more complex!) Almost every agent says they’re a expert in a specific neighborhood OR an area of town. Still others say that they specialize only in new homes or that they focus on pre-owned homes.

If You’re Interested In Buying A Charlotte-Area Home In Neighborhoods Completed From the 1990’s Up To Today, Pick The Real Estate Professional With The Most Proven Experience.

As you know, buying Charlotte area property can be a big investment. So why not put your trust in someone who’s been involved in researching the local market, designing the most popular home designs with nationally-known architects, and overseeing the sales & marketing processes required to create many of our area’s best-selling neighborhoods? Doing these things during the period when 47% of all Charlotte homes were built taught me about the different types of homes and neighborhoods, located literally all around our area, From Ballantyne and Union County, to Fort Mill and the Lake Wylie Area, to Belmont and Gastonia, to Mt Island Lake and the Lake Norman area, to Huntersville and Cornelius, to Davidson and the Concord areas.

After marketing & selling 4000+ new homes for America’s top home builders, in Charlotte’s most popular neighborhoods, I’m able to guide clients through a “Discovery Process,” where we narrow down your favorite home designs. I “match” these designs with exactly where we can find them both off & on the market in a variety of different neighborhoods.

Whether it’s “right-sizing” to a one story “open” ranch-style floor plan design, or perhaps a larger 2 or 3 story home where the teens can have their own bedrooms and bathrooms, maybe a separate living space (so those paying for the home can have their OWN), or perhaps it’s a more dramatic two story home with a first floor Owner’s Suite, where there’s still plenty of space for family. Maybe, like many of us you’ve become a “work-from-home-warrior” who’s dreamed about having your OWN office area with lots of windows letting the light in, or a space where “zooming” can be accomplished without your dog’s frequent interruptions when the Amazon deliveries arrive! We’ll help you focus your search, so we can find your dream home.

It’s time to live your life now by DESIGN

Once we’ve narrowed our focus down to your favorite types of home designs, we can COMPARE where you’d most like to buy them, since many times they can typically be found in a variety of different neighborhoods located all around Charlotte and surrounding towns.

Since we’re able to search for your favorite homes, both off and on the market, and since you can even COMPARE your favorite home designs with today’s newly-built homes…

My clients have a tremendous advantage when it comes to finding and buying the types of homes that they really want to own next, in neighborhoods offering the lifestyle they’ve hoped for… and it can all be accomplished in today’s market in spite of a limited supply of available homes (that’s not expected to change for years to come).”

Negotiating The Most Profitable Transactions Requires MORE Than Focusing On Price ALONE. Over thousands of successful transactions, experience has taught me how to listen & effectively negotiate The Most Important Terms. The result is more “win-win” agreements That Close!

Getting clients the best possible outcomes when buying and selling homes REQUIRES an ability to be able to effectively educate folks on the “other side” of the transactions, especially those who’re not working with another real estate agent.

For buyers & sellers who are working with another real estate agent, your real estate professional needs to be someone with plenty of full-time experience working with lots of different Charlotte agents over the years. After nearly 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of local real estate agents to successfully find solutions for clients.

But of course “All real estate agents in Charlotte are NOT the same“.

Choosing the wrong buyer’s agent in Charlotte could cause you to…

  • Lose the home you really want to another buyer because of an ill-prepared offer
  • Pay too much for a house based on emotion vs. solid facts
  • Get placed in a situation where you invest more cash than you planned on to buy, without pre-planned, proactive strategy to address potential low appraisals
  • Buy a home without knowing the condition of what you’re buying because there was no planning for how potential structural/mechanical repairs would be handled
  • Waste hours and hours seeing homes that aren’t what you’re looking for
  • Miss out on an amazing home because it wasn’t yet listed on the market
  • Overlook asking ALL the right questions when buying a previously-owned home or building a brand NEW home
  • … and more

The Right Charlotte – Area Buyer’s Agent Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars, Dozens Of Hours, And Lots Of Headaches

Real estate is usually the single largest financial decision most of us make. Farlow Home Finders can help you make sure you not only find the home you’re looking for, located in the type of neighborhood offering the lifestyle you want, but we’ll also help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that only comes from decades of experience.

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