Thinking About Selling Your Home to One of The “I-Buyers” Or Going With A Limited Service Real Estate Agent?


Even In A Seller’s Market Like Charlotte’s It’s Smart to Compare All of Your Options

It’s smart to look at your options and see what will actually help you best reach your goals when selling your Charlotte property. It’s important to know all of your options when selling a house so you can compare what your final net profit should be. Dive in and learn the differences when you hire Farlow Home Finders, choose a “quick investor sale”, or a limited service agent.

 Working With Farlow Home Finders“I-Buyer” SalesLimited Service Agents
Time To Sell: The Farlow Home Finders “Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell” LISTING process typically takes 30 days, including the 21 day pre-marketing “coming soon” period. Since the program provides invaluable time flexibility when selling your home (based on when closing is planned for the home YOU are buying- YOU control when you sell and choose to move. You can even choose to explore selling direct, off-market, to buyers who I represent first. With the Farlow Home Finders “Buy Charlotte Homes Before U Sell” program, you also have the flexibility to close on your next home and move in, with up to 5 months after moving to sell your current home for the most possible profit. You’ll always only have one mortgage payment, on your new home, until you sell the current one. Of course, in today’s market, you should be able to sell in 30 days total (including a 21 day “coming soon” pre-marketing period) with our selling process.3-4 weeksDepends on how comprehensive the service is to help market and negotiate the home
Typical Sales Price:Listed homes sell with the Farlow Home Finders process for the highest possible price as a result of the competitive, “auction-like”market we work hard to create prior to anyone being able to physically tour your home. Off Market homes sell at pricing professionally determined by a process utilizing two licensed, independent 3rd party appraisal professionals. Prices typically range from 2-4% below a competitive market price (prior to program fees and subsequent repair fees)Depends if their service includes negotiation services or not, but homes will almost ALWAYS be sold after one-at-a-time showings by buyer brokers with a buyer looking around, generated solely from the MLS. Because many listing agents haven’t been able to experience, over thousands of sales transactions, how URGENCY impacts sales prices… expect the final sales price to be similar to those of the “I-Buyers.” (2-4% + below a competitive market-driven, professionally negotiated price).
Marketing Costs:$0 to our clients. We invest thousands of our own dollars marketing your home before it ever sells! We understand that this investment increases the probability that we’ll find you a buyer, resulting in a higher sales price (and potentially more profit via potential commission cost savings). We do also invest all of our time up front, before clients buy or sell their homes, sharing strategies learned over three decades in Charlotte real estate. Since there’s no “hourly fee” for any of this time, we’re totally invested in addition to our marketing dollars into making sure that each client will achieve the most successful outcome!There is no cost for marketing used to sell your home to “the competitive”market, since the I-Buyers want to buy your home at the lowest price possible – with no other competitors!YOU PAY for upfront costs of $500 – $2,000+ for a yard sign, fliers, and potentially a very limited ad budget. Essentially, this approach relies on a buyer agent seeing the MLS listing and trying to sell the home for what they feel it’s worth.
Types Of Marketing Included: We invest in selling your property with:
Google promotion, Facebook re-targeting, targeted video emails, professional photography, virtual tour, interactive floor plan with dimensions, neighborhood & area marketing, MLS listings with syndication to the top search engines, signage promoting our coming soon open house process & more!
These companies must spend heavily to promote that they buy houses to a very large audience. They also co-market with local real estate brokers who say that THEY buy the houses now. They will place your home information in the MLS. There’s no investment in any other marketing that will make an impact to drive qualified buyer traffic to your home – unless they offer you a way to pay for it.
Time Commitment From You: Very little. Showings are done during specifically promoted open house times that we host only on dates pre-planned with our clients well in advance. Our goal is for our process to be as “hands off” as possible, always with ample time to prepare beforehand. You can enjoy our process, without the stress and typical inconvenience of recurring, unplanned interruptions.Selling to one corporate buyer, means no showings… but it ALSO means no other competitive offers. Sellers BEWARE of newer business models with their own salaried agents who try to list/sell your home, and their company will ALSO buy it.3-5+ hours per week including YOU trying to show the house at times, hosting open houses, putting out signs, and making sure there are paper fliers in the info box every time they run out.
Fees / Commissions: Choose to use my “coming soon” pre-marketing listing process to sell your home, OR choose to first try to sell your home direct, off-market to my buyers . My clients can save up to $10,000 in commissions (depending on the final sales price)
whenever I’m the ONLY Real Estate professional involved in the transaction.
Studies show that the estimated 3% of the total national market who choose to sell this way end up paying 5% program fees. When adding the lower purchase price and repair costs so the GRAND TOTAL COST ranges from 9%-13% Flat fee or reduced commission for reduced services and assistance.
Legal / Contract / Advice: 100% included. Whether you choose to sell via our listing process or off-market to our buyers, we handle everything from making sure that all parties clearly understand agency representation, contracts, inspections & appraisals, setting up escrow and closing. I’ve managed more than 4000+ real estate transactions over almost 30 years, so I’ve encountered everything imaginable before- usually many times! We worry about the details, and communicate with video updates weekly, so everyone can see them on their own time and relax … with less hassle.You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally.Not always included, when it is it may be limited. Ask the agent what they include and will not include.

At the end of the day, we always advise our clients to put a value on what our experience & more modern real estate process is really worth!

What’s it really worth to be able to get the home you really want, without being rushed into “settling” only for what appears to be available. What’s it worth to be able to choose how and when you’d like to sell your current home?

You really don’t have to settle for selling your house to a corporate buyer these days, without comparing the real cost, just for the perceived convenience. The price may look attractive but what will you NET?

Shouldn’t YOU have the choice of the most profitable way to sell your home!

With the Farlow Home Finders Buy Before You Sell Program, you’ll have time to COMPARE whether to sell to an off-market buyer, any of the I-buyers (we manage the entire process of aggregating offers from them for you), or you can choose to sell to a buyer generated from our pre-marketing, “coming soon” listing process.

Shouldn’t you also enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose when you want to move into your next home too?

Of course so, and that’s why with our program you’ll have plenty of time to sell your current property for the most possible profit either before OR after you choose to move! Perhaps you just don’t want to deal with having anyone else walking through your home while you’re still living in it these days. If you don’t want to sell & close the current house before choosing to go ahead and move into your next home, you can choose to have only ONE mortgage payment (on your new home). Protect your cash-flow this way by reimbursing program partners when your home sells.

Couldn’t you possibly sell your home for more money if you had cash to touch up some things before showing it?

With some of our buy before you sell program partners, you could even choose to have repairs made to your property before selling it, before or after you move out, utilizing an interest free loan of up to a maximum $25,000. We’ll help you carefully evaluate the return on your potential investment before making repairs, so you’ll know whether investing in specific repairs before selling could be a more profitable approach.

Trust finding your favorite home to the only local real estate professional who’s personally marketed & sold more of the homes built in neighborhoods all over the Charlotte area the last 25 years.

Ready to get started? Schedule time on MY CALENDAR for a 15-20 minute conversation! Or simply use the Contact Page. Feel free to give me a call at (980) 400-3463.