Just like Apple creates excitement before releasing the latest I-phones for sale, URGENCY generates the highest possible prices and profits in real estate too.

After managing 4000+ local sales for America’s leading home building corporations, since the 1990’s, I’ve combined everything I learned over the years with today’s most successful, new real estate programs.

The result is a selling process which allows our clients to compare cash offers from investors who compete to buy their homes. Clients can choose to accept the best offer OR they can choose to list their property using our 21 day pre-marketing program followed by a 5 day competitive sales process. Once again, our clients can compare cash offers; however, these offers are made by non-investor home buyers who compete to buy these listed homes.

Selling Your Charlotte- Area Home Should Be Easy, Fast, and Put The Most Money In Your Pocket.

Selling a house or property is a big decision. Especially these days when you’re probably concerned about where you’ll move once you do! Right now you’re probably thinking…

“When is the right time to sell?”  “What is my property actually worth?”  (HINT: not what Zillow say’s it’s worth) “Who should I work with?”  “we’re busy… how can we sell with as little of our time as possible, without all of the hassle of showings every day, and how can we put the most money in our pockets?” We have the answers to your questions about selling your Charlotte-area home.

How We Put More Money In Your Pocket Not Ours

We show you exactly how to COMPARE all of your selling options. In case you haven’t been “in the market” lately, more has changed about buying and selling residential real estate in the last 2 years than in the preceding 40 years.

  • Wall Street-backed corporations like Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, Offerpad, Orchard, Knock, and Ribbon, ALL seem to have a different marketing pitch about how they’re “revolutionizing” the industry. Many of them are doing just that, but some are definitely more expensive than others, and they all have different pros and cons. Most of them are changing things about their programs as often as on a quarterly basis.
  • The Truth is that consumers can sacrifice a significant portion of their hard-earned home equity when trying to sell to any one of these companies, without professional representation to guide them through the details. Many folks focus on the PRICE they’re being offered, without understanding their FINAL NET PROFIT. Comparing the different fees and costs of these programs can be very difficult. There’s little wonder why these companies spend a fortune on marketing, in a race to be the first to connect with you before having to compete for your business.
  • Anytime consumers engage with attractive-looking marketing offers from the online companies by sharing information with them, usually just to learn more, these companies will STILL profit when they ultimately find out that they’re unable to “convert” you into a customer willing to sell them your home (after LOTS of continued messaging). You’re information will be “sold” as one of the many leads to “affiliated” real estate agents who’re willing to pay them 30%-40% of their commissions for your information if THEY can “convert” you into listing and selling with them. Many of these leads are then either funneled to newer or less experienced agents – or more recently – agents who’re willing to work for a salary.

The 30%-40% in commissions going to Wall Street companies could have been invested in helping consumers like you to profit more instead !

  • Agents who pay lead referral fees to online content providers like iBUYERS, Zillow, Redfin, and even (now owned by Australian media king Rupert Murdoch) don’t leave themselves with enough potential earnings to invest anything in marketing their clients’ properties! They can only take some pictures and list homes in MLS, for other agents to sell to their clients. MOST listing agents today don’t actually sell many of their own clients’ homes in fact many rarely even meet the buyers until closing. The Buyer’s agent decides how to sell your home these days typically after seeing it for the first time when THEY show their client!
  • Listing agents could save their clients commission costs when selling their houses if they weren’t giving up over 1/3 of their earnings BEFORE SPLITTING what’s left with their own brokerage firms. Now you know why most listed homes simply get put in MLS for others to sell, meaning sellers must nearly ALWAYS pay 2 agent commissions (one on the listing side & one on the buyer side).


Wray Farlow

By functioning as “iBROKERS” we get our clients offers from ALL of the corporate iBUYERS at the same time, so they need to compete to buy your property.

Whenever a company’s offer isn’t accepted, we don’t have to pay them 1/3 of our commission earnings for your information, before you can choose to list your home with us. This makes it possible for us to invest more in marketing your home, while we can also potentially save you thousands of dollars in commission costs every time we’re able to sell your home directly to a buyer purchasing without a buyer agent commission needing to be paid

Many local Charlotte real estate brokers can list your house. Many limited service brokerage agents even charge cut-rate fees to do it. Full service agents with large brokerage firms rarely explain things like variable rate commissions, even though it can save sellers a significant amount of money. I’ll help you understand the reasoning behind WHY choosing to list with agents who work for either of these types of brokerages can impact your final net profit. Choosing to list and sell with one of the mega-sized brokerage firms, or making costly service and expertise trade offs with a limited service/fee broker ensures that you won’t be told about why variable rate listing commissions are best for sellers. Ask me to explain why I offer this to all of my sellers.

We Can Share Up To Thousands of Dollars in Commission Savings For Our Clients, While Still Offering More Experienced Full-Service Representation. Our Sales Process Also Provides Our Clients With The Best Way To Sell Their Homes For The Highest Possible Profit

As one of our clients, you’ll understand what your NET PROFIT will be when choosing to sell to each of the iBuyer companies, institutional investors or local investors. We approach ALL of them at the same time to get their best offers in writing. The entire process takes just 5 days from the day we solicit their offers.

You’ll also be able to compare what your NET PROFIT will look like based on choosing to list with us through our 21 day pre-marketing/ 5 day sale price-maximizing process when the buyer purchase DIRECT, or when they have a buyer agent, based on your “go to market” estimated sales price.

Lastly, we compare how using specific programs on the BUYING side of the transaction will compare, so every client is able to see their total NET PROFIT when transferring their equity from the home they’re selling into the one they’re buying.


Farlow Home Finders Buy Charlotte Homes Before You Sell Program Overview

HOW we Create a More URGENT Market of Buyers For Our Sellers

My experience over many years in the Home Building Industry has taught me the importance of creating the most urgent, “auction-like” market of potential buyers, BEFORE allowing anyone to select newly-released home sites where customers would like to build new homes. The exact same dynamic applies when selling our clients’ listed homes today. We pre-plan well before any prospective purchasers who’ve expressed an interest ever visit to walk through and tour your property.

Our listing process promotes several open house “events” ahead of time, during an initial 21 day MLS “coming soon” period, before ANYONE can tour a property in person.

Everyone must pre-schedule their appointment to tour your house in advance. Unlike most other real estate agents, we personally host these events, so we can do our very best to actually sell your home, by helping visitors understand everything about your house when they’re inside it for the first time. By the time most prospective buyers can tour your house in person, they will have already seen our pre-marketing tour, and they should understand how our program works. We will have already connected with them by the time they’re able to schedule their visit to tour your home in person. After helping thousands of buyers purchase new homes directly from me and my sales teams, I understand exactly how to educate buyer prospects who don’t have a buyer agent about all of the benefits getting your one-of-a-kind home in your neighborhood offers.

I don’t believe that the traditional approach to simply having a “lock box” on the door for agents to visit one at a time over the course of many weeks, seeing your home for the first time with their prospective buyers, can possibly have the same impact as a pre-planned strategy to explain the benefits of owning your home.

We do also host an open house showing event for buyer agents and their clients, so we can be there to help other agents point out everything in each of our clients’ listed homes. We can answer questions right on the spot, without any back and forth missed phone calls or messages etc.

After the agent open house and the public open house(s), everyone understands that we will be available to answer questions through the next full day (two days in some cases). Everyone who attends the showing events will receive written guidance showing what each seller feels is an ideal price, along with any other specific terms (such as a date when they’d like to move). All visitors will receive a copy of a property inspection report, so they can have a good idea of what’s actually being sold BEFORE making their best offers.

All buyers who’re interested in making an offer, with or without a buyer agent, can do it for 2 days following the final open house event.

All offers will be backed by a cash closing guarantee, just like the initial investor offers, so our sellers always have the certainty that the offer they ultimately choose to accept will be closing on the agreed upon date.

My goal is to give every seller client the ability to COMPARE how they’ll earn the most profit, with the best terms, from a direct buyer, a buyer working with another buyer agent, OR simply by choosing to sell to any one of the iBUYERS or investors.

We cut no corners to sell your Charlotte area house for more profit, using a structured, pre-planned process to market your home and sell it to a very competitive market of buyers that we create. We’re certainly glad to share any potential commission savings with you too.


We invest our time and expertise in finding you the next home you really want to own, before selling your current one, so you’re never under pressure to hurry up and “settle” for choosing your next home only from what’s listed the moment AFTER you’ve first sold your house. Why be forced to buy your next home (especially these days), based on the short time frame that your buyer needs to close on the home that you’re selling them?

YOU can and should control your own timing when it comes to both buying and selling your homes!


  • We’ll look at your property and provide you with a FREE Home Value Report that’s not simply an automated valuation. We’ll need to take specific photos of your home. We CAN walk you through how to do this using live Facetime video together during the pandemic if you prefer.
  • We’ll recommend a target “sale price” and describe our plan to sell it for you at that price quickly, once we find the home that you really want to buy. We’re 100% transparent. You’ll know from speaking with us that you’ll ALWAYS be able to ask any questions you have! I’ve taught hundreds of real estate professionals over my career, and I promise there just aren’t ANY dumb questions!
  • We NEVER pressure you to move forward on anyone’s time frame but your own. This typically means finding your NEXT home first, before selling your current one. You can even choose to go ahead and close, so you can move into your next home. This way you can already be gone when the pre-planned showing process begins in the event you don’t choose to accept an investor offer first. Perhaps the best part is that You’ll only have one mortgage payment until we sell your home when you choose to close on your next home first. One of our programs will even provide you with an interest free advance of up to $25,000, which you can use to make any repairs you’ll need to make before selling your home.
  • While we do have OTHER selling strategies, where you can choose to sell your home before buying the next one, without feeling rushed to buy, our ability to offer you your CHOICE of strategies is unmatched.
  • Last but DEFINITELY not least, we understand that you NEED to be able to live your life during this process! We understand that everyone needs to understand what’s going to happen, long before it happens! We’ve learned over many many transactions to be proactive and communicate our processes with you ahead of time. We take care of 100% of the details from listing to “Sold!” You can live your life while we work hard to help you buy your next home and sell the current one for the most possible profit – and least amount of hassle.

Our Experience Helps You Make You More Money, When You Sell Your Charlotte House With Much Less Effort

Curious about who we are? Great! Learn More Here

If this approach sounds interesting to you, I sincerely hope that you’ll either go ahead and reach out to me now Set up 15 minutes to learn more and ask questions RIGHT HERE ON MY CALENDAR.

Right now is the time to begin “watching” your market, so you can start planning your next move on your own time frame, without the typical stress of selling and trying to buy at the same time!

My program allows you to FIND YOUR FAVORITE HOME FIRST, whether it’s unlisted, listed in MLS, or brand new, and then SECURE it backed by an initial guaranteed offer to buy your current house. You’ll already by approved for a loan to buy your next home, BEFORE we start our pre-marketing program to sell your listed house for MORE PROFIT to competing buyers making their offers at the same time. You keep 100% of your profit over the initial guaranteed offer.

Sell your Charlotte NC/SC in under 30 days typically, for MORE PROFIT and without all the hassle of unplanned showings and unqualified buyers walking through your home! With our program, all buyers making who make offers on your house will be backed by a cash closing guarantee.

Charlotte Home Values Have Recently Changed: What’s Your Home Worth Today?

Property values are changing in Charlotte and all around NC/SC.

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